Our Story

Broadstreet began in the 1980s as an independent creative services agency of Drexel Burnham Lambert delivering marketing and communication materials to the financial services industry.

Over the following years the organization expanded to include meetings and events, video, digital, design and branding as well as learning and performance improvement. Industry expertise also diversified to include healthcare, hospitality, media and entertainment and an office in Boston was opened.

Broadstreet was acquired in 2001 by the publically traded public relations organization, Incepta and in 2005 Incepta merged with UK based, Hunstworth. During this time Broadstreet clientele expanded to include the consumer and technology sectors.

Recognizing the best way to provide value to clients was to answer to them rather than shareholders, Broadstreet became a privately held organization once again in 2007.

Since then Broadstreet has expanded its capabilities to include strategic communications planning, leadership development, employee engagement and brand experiences.



Broadstreet Mission + Values

Our mission is to create exceptional experiences every day for our clients, their brands, our people, and ourselves. These are the core values that guide us in everything we do, and enable us to improve and evolve the way people and organizations communicate.

Be Direct, Honest, and Open when Communicating

Be tactful communicators and active listeners. Identify improvements with honest feedback and be open to receiving it.

Commit to Learning AND Teaching

Develop the skills that keep us innovative in the face of change.
Share knowledge with each other so we can collectively discover new ideas and solutions for our clients.

Be Great or Be Gone

We’re a meritocracy, but if someone’s character and ethics are not in the same stratosphere as their talent, then we wish them the best of luck in the pursuit of their dreams. Unfortunately, where we’re going they cannot come.

Commit to Relentless Curiosity

Constantly ask:
  • Why?
  • Why not?
  • What if?
  • How come?
  • What more?
Always challenge the status quo to ensure our work is unique, fresh, and thoughtful.

Own It

Be the change you wish to see. We all have the opportunity to take leadership roles regardless of our job titles.

Inspire Others

Support, teach, and drive one another. Be accountable to the highest level of excellence.

Bring Your Passion

Align your personal passion with your professional purpose. The result creates an atmosphere of people who love what they do.

Make It Fun

Having fun creates an energy and enthusiasm that manifests itself in our work and our client relationships. Exceptional ideas are born from minds that have permission to wander, to be unconventional and at times even be playful.


We passionately pursue the creation of exceptional experiences that elevate our clients’ brands and their messages.

We begin with the brand, agree to a key set of objectives for the project then step into the shoes of the audience so that everything we design and develop is meaningful and memorable. Anyone can deliver a decent experience. We fixate on the details because we believe that’s the key to creating an exceptional experience.

The experiences we create appear elegant and simple, but the secret to achieving elegant simplicity is going a little further. We believe great work is the result of a curious mind, relentless research, ruthless editing and strong espresso.

We keep our ears to the ground, follow trends and stay in touch with everything from pop culture to academia, uncovering the newest methods to take audiences to deeper levels. And, when the work is done, we debate the merits of a great bottle of wine with the same abandon.

We’re a meritocracy, handpicking the best and the brightest, but if their character and ethics are not in the same stratosphere as their talent, then we wish them best of luck in the pursuit of their dreams. Unfortunately, where we’re going, they cannot come. On the outside we may seem no different, but step inside our office in the heart of New York and you’ll find the oxygen is a bit dizzier than most.

Our soundtrack is the melody of laughter, spirited conversation, and the occasional barking dog.

We are dreamers, hopeless romantics, philanthropists, volunteers, bowlers, film geeks, just plain geeks, ski instructors, theatre snobs, beach strollers, rock and rollers, confidants, parents, sons and daughters. We love our animals, our plants, our children and each others’ plants, animals and children, although not necessarily in that order.

We love words. Scrabble may not be a contact sport, but to us, it kind of is.

We love our work, and when you love your work, WORK just doesn’t seem like the right verb.

We’re Broadstreet. We create exceptional experiences.


Mark Baltazar

ceo + managing partner

Mark is a multi-award winning creative strategist with a 25 year career in building exceptional experiences that connect, engage and evolve business and consumer audiences that drive performance on the broadest scale.

Over his extensive career, Mark has managed projects with teams of over 250 people around the world and continues to shape and supervise marketing and communication campaigns as CEO and Managing Partner of Broadstreet. He leads the New York headquartered organization with a sharp focus on creative excellence, client satisfaction and fiscal responsibility. Under Mark’s leadership, Broadstreet continues to expanded capabilities and further diversified its client base.

Prior to joining Broadstreet, Mark spent several years building and growing content and production companies. His clients were primarily Fortune 100 companies and Mark specialized in creating, developing, designing and producing experiences for annual meetings, product launches, industry conferences, press announcements, special events and trade shows.

Mark began his production career on Broadway, as the Production Stage Manager for several high profile productions including Speed the Plow starring Madonna and Joe Mantegna, I’m Not Rappaport starring Judd Hirsch as well as several productions at Lincoln Center.

Mark is a pilot, produced screenwriter, and guest lecturer at New York University. He also holds dual US/EU citizenship, has served on the Board of Directors of The Moth and is a five time All American in the National Sporting Clay Association.

Ed Gibbons

cfo + partner

Ed Gibbons, Chief Financial Officer + Partner, is responsible for providing sound financial advice as well as upholding strong financial management and accountability, providing timely, accurate and reliable financial information and enhancing internal control.

Over the years he has developed a focus toward value-added client facing solutions as well as the internal management of the company. Ed began his career with the Internal Revenue Service before moving to the private sector where he has spent the last 10 years helping to manage several large marketing and communications agencies.

He has negotiated with and helped develop business solutions for more than half of the Fortune 100, including Microsoft, Ford, General Electric, Philip Morris, Coca Cola, Pfizer, Novartis and many others. Ed holds an MBA from Pace University.

Claudia Rodriguez Tressler

coo + partner

After many years working in video programming production for CNN, the NFL, and Cablevision, Claudia transitioned to event production and for the past 10 years has been an executive producer for live events, training initiatives and experiential web development.

Claudia has produced some of the largest pharmaceutical launches in the industry as well as media events for retail product rollouts and innovate phone apps to enhance employee engagement.

Claudia’s clientele span a wide range of industries and include: American Express, AstraZeneca, Bristol Myers Squibb, Cablevision, Canon, CNN, Court TV, ESPN, Moelis & Company, NFL, Nickelodeon, Novartis, Ortho-McNeil, PBS, Schering-Plough and Sunovion.

Outside of Broadstreet Claudia enjoys spending time with her daughter and can occasionally be seen performing a few songs in New York City cabarets.



We help corporations communicate better. We help people gain a deeper understanding of their brands. We help brands engage and inspire. We create programs and platforms that help influence and ultimately shift perception and behavior: What people think and what they do. And to do this, we reach out and discover who your people are, uncover how they think, and what moves them. Then we design and develop programs across all forms of communication to enable them to understand, engage with, and execute what’s asked of them. For over 30 years we’ve created exceptional experiences in the delivery of strategic communications planning, meetings and eventsemployee engagement, digital + social mediabrand experienceslearning + performance improvement programs, and creative content.


We help close the gaps that exist between teams, between corporate mission|vision and its culture, between brands and consumers, between performance and high performance. We approach these challenges with highly targeted demographic, ethnographic, intellectual and emotional communications experiences that inspire, engage, educate and influence business and consumer audiences.


Provoke, collaborate, lead. And in doing so, we deliver exceptional experiences for both our clients and their audience. The experiences we deliver are the result of a ruthless pursuit to uncover the best strategy for each particular project. We inform our recommendations by keeping our ears to the ground, following trends, and staying in touch with everything from pop culture to sport and academia.


Every project has two distinct phases, the design and development phase and the delivery phase. We work hard every day to make both of those phases exceptional. For our design and development phase we apply a strategic framework to ensure the program we design and develop will be meaningful to the participants. For the delivery phase we use a proven methodology to ensure operational excellence throughout the development and ultimate delivery of the project. We believe the journey is as important as the destination.


We create experiences for global clientele across a wide range of industries including healthcare, media + entertainment, consumer, financial services, technology, hospitality. And although these industries are diverse, they have one big thing in common – people.