Bipolar Indication Launch Meeting + Training

Client: Global Pharmaceutical Company

A Global Pharmaceutical Company needed a launch meeting for the new indication of its leading product that would unify the organization and accelerate performance. It turned to its communication partner, Broadstreet, to design and develop this important program.

The launch was preceded by the National Sales Meeting for the company two months prior and was used to drive expectations for the launch. The theme for the upcoming meeting was thread through the presentations but not called out specifically. The closing music of the NSM would also play a key role in the launch.
Drawing on the universal language of music and the aesthetic of hand-drawn art, Broadstreet created a three-day general meeting with a bold thematic that immersed the audience through every moment via a 150-foot wide video screen.

Each attendee carried an iPad which also delivered a key moment in the meeting. Attendees created a circle in the room and became part of a video that transitioned from the main screen onto their iPads.

Through music and hand drawn imagery, the sales team was energized and well prepared to enter the marketplace with a clear mission and a defined path to success. Many members of the leadership team called it their best launch ever, not for its audacity, but for the feeling that they could serve a greater purpose for themselves, their organization and, most importantly, for their patients.

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