Bringing the Voice of the Customer to Life

Client: Global Pharmaceutical Company

In preparation for the launch of a new treatment for metastatic melanoma, a major pharmaceutical company enlisted Broadstreet to develop a communications initiative that would imbue the product training with the “voice of the customer” (health care providers, patients, caregivers, etc.). The initiative was designed to generate a deeper understanding of the pressures and pain points affecting the customer. These insights would, in turn, enable the sales force to better meet the customer’s needs. Broadstreet brought to life the “voice of the customer” through a thoughtful, well-designed, multi-faceted, pulsed communications continuum.

In collaboration with the client, the Broadstreet team developed a Journey Map that pinpointed key elements and milestones in the product training and formulated a strategy for amplifying key learning points with the voice of the customer.

The pre-launch tactics included texting out videos, dubbed customer clips depicting different voices of the customer, patient charts that were realistic customer profiles with voiceover narration, and an all-inclusive playbook that contained an overview of the disease state, therapeutic environment, customer concerns, and product.

The launch meeting delivered on all pre-work, opening with an experience titled “Moments that Matter”, which centered around the patient and the disease’s impact on everyone around him or her. Each workshop began and ended relating content to the voice of the customer, ensuring the sales force remembered why the meeting was so important.

The project was well received, with one client saying, “This was phenomenal in every aspect – emotional, educational, intense connection to the patient. We were immersed in the life of the patient.”

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