Client: ESPN

The essence of sports is competition and when you carry the longstanding tagline of ‘The Worldwide Leader in Sports’, your competition is constantly striving to capture the title. For ESPN, in the world of competing for advertising partners, it’s always ‘Game On’. Its annual Upfront event was no exception.

ESPN partnered with Broadstreet for the sixth year for the boldest, glitziest, and most content-driven Upfront yet. Featuring an award show format, with over two dozen ESPN personalities and four executives in a fast paced, lively environment, the event was both informative and entertaining. Broadstreet designed a stage that exemplified the multimedia leadership of ESPN, boasting eight content laden screens.

Long known for its innovation in sports, ESPN continues to break new ground in the Upfront each year. For the second year, Broadstreet and ESPN produced testimonials featuring executives of powerhouse brands including Gatorade, Diageo, and Goodyear extolling the benefits of partnership with the sports giant. ESPN also inserted itself into the social media conversations around its Upfront, encouraging attendees to tweet using the hashtag #ESPNUpfront. At one point during the event #ESPNUpfront became a top trending topic on Twitter.

Planning for the Upfront began months in advance with Broadstreet working with top executives at ESPN to hone their communication strategy and ensure every message aligned seamlessly. Six years into their communication and production partnership, Broadstreet and ESPN continue to push the envelope and take their Upfront to new levels. The competition is warned!

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