Global Communications Strategy for Marketers

Client: Global Pharmaceutical Company

A recently launched Market Education program at a global pharmaceutical company needed a communication strategy to identify and explain changes to the program, and appropriate curriculum tracks to marketing employees at various levels/roles. They turned to Broadstreet to develop a strategic communications plan to recruit and inform participants of the purpose, content, and logistical details of the initiative.
Broadstreet applied its unique combination of multi-discipline, multi-channel communication and marketing-specific training expertise skills to address this need. Along with an extensive knowledge of the Marketing Education program, business values, and philosophies, Broadstreet produced a series of digital and print communications that provided a holistic overview of the curriculum as well as the various individual program components.
The planning included an intense multi-channel rollout followed by updates and spot notifications on an ongoing basis to remain top of mind. Communication activities included Annual Guidebooks to expand on the program, a kickoff webex, digital one-pagers, as well as an Annual Roadmap/Timeline for participants to track progress.
Over 90% of their employees have engaged with the communication materials, with one Marketer commenting that the communications provided “laser clarity on expectations and requirements… great tools to help everyone understand exactly what they need to do and how it fits into their overall development.”
Awareness has grown dramatically among employees, and participation has increased by double digits since the communication rollout.

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