Dealer Meeting

Client: Konica Minolta

Konica Minolta has long been seen as an innovator of business solutions, and has partnered with Broadstreet for over a decade in order to deliver exceptional experiences to its dealer community. With recent acquisitions of 3D printing companies, an increased cloud presence, and updated hardware, dealers were looking forward to a robust agenda at the 2015 conference.
The meeting theme was “Disruptive Innovation”. Konica Minolta executives spoke about new innovations, and the ways that innovation is changing the way dealers show up to their customers.
The screen set-up featured four vertical LED screens on-stage with projection surfaces to the left and right.
This allowed for a dynamic array of content to be pulled through presentations, and kept information refreshing and new throughout the meeting.
On the second day of the conference, the Expo floor opened for dealers. Aside from learning about new products and innovations, dealers had a chance to interact with the Konica Minolta Wayne Taylor Racing team, and take pictures with the car.
Konica Minolta and Broadstreet extended their partnership and created a meeting that was praised in trade media for establishing Konica Minolta as “the new It Brand”.

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