Client: Konica Minolta

Konica Minolta wanted to showcase the power and efficiency of its expanded business solutions to existing and potential customers. Broadstreet traveled around the country to document how various sized organizations realized the benefits of using business solutions from Konica Minolta.

In Rapid City, South Dakota, Broadstreet captured the story of a large offset printing company using Konica Minolta hardware and software which allowed it to accept any size print job without sacrificing quality or profit.

In Clarksville, Tennessee, Broadstreet documented the story of a hospital that implemented Konica Minolta machines due to their security features, reliability and eco-friendly benefits.

In Kansas City, Missouri, Broadstreet told the story of Konica Minolta products that allowed university students to print documents, yet keep them stored in the printer until the student was ready to pick them up using a unique ID card.

Visiting a dozen markets in all, Broadstreet captured the benefits of Konica Minolta business solutions across several verticals including legal, medical, education and print production. Shot with an eye toward dynamic storytelling and visual consistency, the videos were both informative and entertaining.

The videos were used as a marketing tool on Konica Minolta’s website and created such a positive reaction with customers that they also became part of a series of best practices for Konica Minolta’s sales team and dealer network. Konica Minolta continues to partner with Broadstreet to communicate with its employees and customers in informative and impactful ways.

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