National Sales Meeting

Client: Global Pharmaceutical Company

A global pharmaceutical company with a new treatment for partial onset seizures enlisted its long-term communication partner, Broadstreet, to create a launch that would both energize the sales force from day 1 and underscore the severity seizures have on the lives of patients.

Broadstreet produced a two-week meeting, with the first week dedicated to the final phase of training for the sales force and the second for the product launch. The theme It’s Your Moment evolved to Own The Moment for the second week. Not only did this highlight the urgency of a fast start, but it acted as a framework for the discussion of seizures, and how one moment can alter a patient’s life forever.

The patient’s voice was brought to life in the general sessions through personal stories by members of the sales force about the effects that partial onset seizures had on them and their family members. A powerful opening video touched on the chaos of a seizure and the desperation a patient has for a return to normalcy. Additionally, an immersive theatre experience allowed audience members to discover the patient’s journey with epilepsy.

Survey results following the meeting revealed the meeting to be “the most emotionally connected,” “highly motivating,” “inspired experiences” the seasoned sales force had ever been a part of. The sales force left energized with the need and urgency for the treatment. As one attendee said, “This meeting will not only keep me motivated the Monday I return home, but will keep me going six, ten, and twelve Mondays from now.”

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