Client: Global Pharmaceutical Company

The Monthly Show follows the same formula as its cousin, The Daily Show, using a broad range of humor to engage audiences with information, education and entertainment, also known as InfoEduTainment. Once engaged, they won’t merely tolerate it, they’ll crave it!

The Monthly Show’s content includes Training, Product Updates, and Feedback from the Sales Force. The Monthly Show uses devices such as fake news reports, musical montages, movie spoofs and “live” correspondent testimonials to deliver each month’s content in a fast-paced, easy-to-digest, humor-coated capsule.
Creative Execution of The Monthly Show includes the following segments:

  • A teaser opening, usually a spoof of a movie or TV show which sets the tone and adds a taste of the content we’re about to deliver
  • Introduction of the host, who charmingly and disarmingly lays out the month’s content in the opening monologue and introduces a correspondent or on-the-street reporter. This character connects the topic at hand directly to the viewers by interviewing them
  • Cut to fake commercial, an indirect way to maintain viewer engagement by cleverly weaving content and key info into a comedy sketch
  • Return from break with the host introducing an “expert” on the month’s hot topic or setting up a final skit that speaks directly to the content’s message

Closing with a TOP 5 LIST, which wraps up the show with a hilarious and absurd bow

The viewers look forward to seeing their favorite recurring characters delivering important information they need to have. The show’s constant interaction with viewers raises the level of engagement to genuine enthusiasm.

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