Client: Global Pharmaceutical Company

AstraZeneca’s US Sales Training and Development Team created a uniform way to manage and measure learning and developmental initiatives in their offices worldwide called – a single-platform, Learning Management System (LMS). The system was a success, but it was challenging to consistently deploy. The US Team wanted a way to deliver a set of standardized AZLearn implementation materials that required limited core team support to guide overseas colleagues. They also wanted to make sure these materials were fun, easy-to-use, and environmentally friendly.

With the theme of “Connect”, Broadstreet met AstraZeneca’s needs in two distinct ways. First, a handcrafted, branded and sustainable “e-learning project box” was laser etched with the theme design and contained all of the AZLearn implementation materials. The materials were structured into color-coded steps to correlate with the project flow and implementation process. To stay current with technological and environmental trends, materials were electronically distributed when possible, and each physical box was shipped in 100% recycled materials.

Second, Broadstreet transformed the foundation materials in the process of developing the box. From a training perspective, the instructions needed to be more “user-friendly.” Broadstreet assessed and reworked each piece’s process, structure, content, and level of instruction.

The rollout of AZLearn was a great success and has inspired a new way of managing rollouts across various brands and departments. The Program Leader for Global e-Learning at AstraZeneca summed up the end result the best:

“Broadstreet’s creative treatment and commitment to excellence resulted in more than just a ‘project box’, but a vehicle that communicated a common vision and inspired a global movement.”

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