Product Launch

Client: global Pharmaceutical Company

Broadstreet’s approach to the National Product Launch Meeting took its inspiration from a recurrent theme expressed by sales leadership at GSK: “It’s all about helping the customer discover and act on every potential.” In this simple sentence, there is a story. It is a story of possibility, of preparation, and of execution. A specialist must have visualized his or her goals to prepare for them. They must have taken the journey of learning, completed the challenge of certification, and they must have taken the step forward – to act. Because the heroes of the story were the Immunization Specialists themselves, and the challenge to succeed was theirs and theirs alone. For Immunization Specialists to achieve this objective with customers, they had to first be trained to discover and act on every potential.

The three critical words from this phrase – discover . . . act . . . potential – informed our training strategy and design. Our training focused on discovering strategies and tactics that were relevant and immediately applicable to the specialists’ own accounts. They were enabled to act on their discoveries through simulations and verbalizations. And in so doing, they unlocked their full potential.

Each workshop session led with an intro, and content was presented by teams from sales training and marketing. The design ensured that each specialist demonstrated mastery of the material throughout the training and during final certification. Immunization specialists left the meeting prepared to leverage the product and sell the GSK portfolio to their specific customers.

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