The LAB is our playground, our digital idea factory, our place to get it wrong until we get it right.

The LAB is our playground. Our digital idea factory. Our place to get it wrong until we get it right. Join us, we dare you!

Broadstreet Digital Holiday Card

Winter Mix

If you received a mulled wine spice from us this holiday season, this is your chance to preview it in action before your try it on your own. The ingredients you need for your real life wine concoction and directions are listed on the right. Take some of those digital ingredients on the table, drag them into the exceptional experience mug and stir well. Let us know what you get!

Summer Sips

The colors of summer are a lot like the projects and teams at Broadstreet - lively, fun, diverse. This interactive image lets you sip until you get to the bottom of the cup, seeing all our colors along the way. The interaction ends with summer-themed sketch art and links to our social media pages. Bottoms up!
Broadstreet Digital Game - Total Recall

Total Recall

This game is a Broadstreet twist on the memory-based classic. The board is filled with images of our exceptionally good looking staff and permalancers. You have the privilege of finding each of our two matching pictures somewhere on the board, and compare your score to others who have completed it to find out who's the fastest of them all. Go ahead, it's OK to stare.
Broadstreet Digital Moving Announcement

Holiday Delivery

After moving into new digs, there was concern Santa wouldn’t be able to find the office, so we designed and developed this interactive card as a reminder to him (as well as our friends and clients). The ever-falling snow adds holiday cheer into the relocation announcement and can be altered based on cursor movement. Happy holidays indeed.
Broadstreet Summer Slider - Digital

Summer Slider

Summer is when a healthy work/life balance is needed the most. For many companies, it's two sides to the coin - work on one side and summer fun on the other. At Broadstreet we take experiences from life and deconstruct them to uncover the unique, the undiscovered - the exceptional. This simple Summer Slider showcases just how easy it is for us to mix our work and personal lives into one delicious summer experience.